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February 7, 2019

“When we knew we wanted to remodel our home we talked to several contractors as to what we wanted and they just didn’t seem to be trust worthy. Then I came across Moisan Remodeling. The owner came out and OMG he has they eye for elegance. Bob walked through with us and gave us idea’s that would make those rooms as he say “POP”. We then knew we wanted to go with Moisan Remodeling. We let him know what our budget was and we worked with that. We was only doing the kitchen/breakfast area but ended up getting the Entry area done with marble flooring through out that area and also did the guest bathroom with flooring. Did that bathroom and ended up getting the Master Bathroom done and then the Jack/Jill bathroom upstairs done. The also did the Staircase in a rich colored brown wood floor with wrought iron spindles. Our house is so elegant now and extremely happy with what they did. Throughout the process they made sure things was covered up for protection and also had sheets of plastic up so that way it would eliminate too much dust from the remodeling. They cleaned up each and every day before they went home. We had a Supervisor names Donny and he was super great and if there was a problem you had he would tell us just to tell him about it and he would get it fixed to my likings. The person who did out staircase loved his work too as he was picky about what things looked like. If it wasn’t right he made it right and love our stairs. You can’t go wrong with Moisan Remodeling and you will be extremely happy once all is said and done. I have one other project for him to do but waiting for a bit but will get them to do it and no one else. So Bob you keep Donny till he doesn’t want to do it anymore and retire (then I will be sad) and Bob don’t decide to retire with all your great work. Once I have what I need I will be getting you out to do the stairs that leads to the attic soon. You will love this company as much as my husband and I do.”