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February 7, 2019

“Moisan Remodeling is outstanding.  I highly recommend Bob Moisan and his crew to anyone. I have had the honor of working with Bob and his team for many years and on several major projects. These projects have included a complete remodeled kitchen, the creation of a walk-in closet and dressing room in my attic, floor to ceiling bookcases with crown molding in my library, and a very extensive remodel of my living room which included taking down a 10 foot  crumbling plaster ceiling, as well as the replacement of a fireplace to fit the vintage of my 90 year old home. Each project was done with precision and Bob’s team is incredibly skillful and nice. I never had to leave my home during these remodels. Bob and his team made it possible for me to stay here. Everyone that worked on my home had skill and super customer service.I recommend Bob Moisan Remodeling to anyone that cares about quality!”